Reaching Lvl 70 Rewards

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Reaching Lvl 70 Rewards

Post by GonTakuma on Wed Feb 18, 2015 12:46 pm

It seems that whenever a guild member reaches lvl 70.
We, or actually, I get a mail in-game containing a random but shitload number of Dimensional Box Keys.
These can vary from 100-560 I'm not exactly sure how much yet.

Lets say, for now that on avg we get 250 keys for a member reaching lvl 70.
What should we do with these keys?

I personally think That the person who reached lvl 70, deserves a share of the keys.
I was thinking giving 100 keys for the person reaching lvl 70.

It is near impossable to keep up to see who reaches lvl 70, When I receive the keys, it doesn't tell me who reached level 70.

You have to CLAIM your lvl 70 keys, See it as a reward for actually taking the time to read the forums.

1 Dimensional box key gives 1 gold
So 100 keys = 100 gold.
And with the guild alliance points you can get + 15% sell from NPC. So that makes it a 115g.


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