Basic Tips and Hints

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Basic Tips and Hints

Post by GonTakuma on Wed Feb 18, 2015 1:08 pm

Setup a second Password
Every time you log in The game asks you to setup a second password, Doesn't that annoy you?
Well since you gonna get a pop-up anyway you might just as well set it up.
But there is more, It will net you a lot of bonus monster hunting EXP!

Gift the guild badges
Gift the guild badges you get to NPC's.
Not only will you receive some items back, you will also obtain "Guild alliance Points".
Which you can spend @ the Dishonest Merchant in Saint Haven (centre/middle one).
The most important item avaible asside from the dragon jades are the Golden Vip Guild Goose alliance Bonus.
For 7 days you'l get
-50% item repair reduction.
You should NOT underestimate this, especially at later levels, this will save you about 1/1.5g PER RUN. On the long run that's really gonna make a difference
-30% NPC item costs
Buying 50 POTS ? That costs me 25g, but 17.5 gold with this upgrade. Also nice for buying FARM related stuff.
enhance fee -30%
Enhancing/crafting items ? Well that can be expensive easily 2-4 gold per enhancement on strong gear.
sell item +15%
Selling sundries, pouches, Dimension Key Fragments ? On high prices you'l want to get the +15%.

Farm Life of essence
You'l need to search for a guide, but its pretty easy and worth it on the long run.

Don't open level up reward boxes to soon.
somewhere about lvl 40, you'l receive a 7-day trading house premium coupon from the level up reward box, which automatically activates when you open it.
You're bound to get the next 5 levels within 7 days and open a new box but DON'T DO IT!
Wait until the coupon expires before you open the next one. The Other rewards can wait, But it can be really profitable to Maximize the trading house coupon.
(Remember it lets you sell 15 instead of 5 items!, that's + 10 storage spaces.)


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