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Aplication Example

Post by GonTakuma on Wed Feb 18, 2015 3:38 pm

Anyone is welcome, Any level, Any age, Any Country, any Class.
We are looking for nice and active players who are willing to work together as a team and engage a bit in the guild chat conversations from time to time and also join party/raids/nests.
We do expect you to speak basic English though.

You can make an application to join by :
-Replying in this threat and make clear that you'd like to join.
-Apply in-game by pressing the "G" button and search for Ginga or GingaClan.

Make a topic at our open Recruitement forum here
What we need :
-In game name
Thats all!

But if you gonna make a topic/join application anyway you can also post:
-A little about yourself, (where you from, age)
-Game experience so far (char lvl)
-Motivation why you want to join


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