how to reduce lag-latency

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how to reduce lag-latency

Post by bioshock933 on Sat Feb 28, 2015 12:47 am

well i got solutions easy just follow steps - By Bioshock933 - for more add me -

1. download/ffhye4gwdi643g9/

after download  open program click install restart pc

2. download Ccleaner  -  - click to download latest version

and this option - .

3. check your internet speed -

4. - download this  check versions lap top or pc or another
friendly - be careful with this tool  this download is your risk .

how to use  - first  go to my computer - downloads - run as administrator
check tab wifi or standard  - so my is not wifi - - click on the odometer and put on your gear and everything else as in Fig follow all other settings are at your own risk !!! . Restart PC

5- - check your pc maybe you have malware or  rootkits  - download open click to clean restart pc - before that turn of your anti virus . after restart turn on ur anti virus .

6.go to start - run  type this - gpedit.msc  press enter - click to administrative templates network - QoS Packet Scheduler - Limit resevarble bandwith double click and click to enable and number 20% make to 0 apply.

7. go to start  type cmd - run as administrator  and follow this commands - copy paste  no all one per one.

netsh int tcp show global

netsh int tcp set global chimney=enabled

netsh int tcp set global autotuning=normal

netsh int tcp show global

8 . download/hxbhmzqo0qxox97/.rar  - download open  and click yes

its safe  - that script  make values in your registry  base  only for internet speed - Boost

9. perfomance option  all know what is that  -  only enable this  -

10. enjoy.

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