Tips and triks for bdn and ddn

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Tips and triks for bdn and ddn

Post by DarkAvenger on Sat Apr 25, 2015 2:41 pm

OK guys since i know that many of u are new to desert/black dragon nests i will post some videos about how the mecanics of the raids go pls note that this guys have perfect gear so all that u need to see is how they dodge and when they do so (so they dont get insta killed)
In this first link is memoria 2 (the flower part were all people die ) u can observe that he did not needed to jump on first stone (because he did not panic) u can just wait for the second rock to be free of the fire so u can just jump on the second wait 4 seconds then jump on the third one
In this video is the full run (again dont cry because u dont have perfect gear like them if u do the mecanics u can finish this)
Black dragon the ultimate power (for the moment)
The mecanics are very complexe and u need to coordonate the team very well (and the team to pay atention to the instructions). I have to say i finish this 1 time with a diferent guild and it was preaty hard since we were very bad on items but we done it because we knew the mecanics

If u guys need more infos just ask and i will post


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