Rival Guilds

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Rival Guilds

Post by GonTakuma on Tue May 05, 2015 10:29 am

At First Sight the SeeYa Guild is a lot like us. They accept everyone and are an All-Round Friendly guild.
In some kind of way I see them as an Potential Alliance Guild, at some kind of way I see them as Rivals.
I Spied in the SeeYa Guild for a while and its athmosphere seemed Decent, At the time it was equal, maybe a bit better than us, but that was 2 months ago. Nowadays we have gone past that. We also matched their number of Members. The SeeYa Guild dealt with a World Chat Attack on their reputation a while ago, a lot of ppl claim they where scamming ppl, I wonder how though.

I Spied in Nudism as-well and at the time they housed a lot of Lvl 70 characters. They behave a little bit different than other guilds.

Project X
Project X is one of the larger guilds in DN EU

Same as above.


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