I'm sorry >.<

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I'm sorry >.<

Post by EthanURO on Tue May 12, 2015 8:24 pm

No,no this isn't a farewell to the guild by the title,I just wanna say sorry for the fact i haven't been on a lot recently,and here i want to explain why is that so.As you all may know as of me writing this it is the 12th of may,and school ends in June so basically i'm working on getting my final grades up and finishing stuff.I know its a bit too much to say that i need to study for 22 days straight withought logging on,the main problem here is that as of this year i have started doing 2 shifts,and my second shift (in the afternoon) really messes up with my internal clock and makes me tired and sleepy whenever i come back home at 7-9 pm and then i wake up at like 9-10 am and i need to study and all before i repeat the process at 2 pm,this shift is only once every 2 weeks,lasting a week so basically in this final month i will be going from not active for a week (i may occasionally login if i find time,i'm working on it) This wont be permanent,i just need to adapt to the changes that are happening in life,and i want you to bare with me,Sincerely your ____ year old

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Re: I'm sorry >.<

Post by GonTakuma on Wed May 13, 2015 10:10 pm

Ethan, You shouldn't worry, Real life stuff always goes ahead.
You still showed your face on the game almost every day.

Take it easy and chill dude Smile


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