Diffidence's despise towards the world

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Diffidence's despise towards the world

Post by BartMcAllister on Mon May 18, 2015 2:17 pm

So, I guess it is my turn now to show my capabilities of writingship.

Hai Everybody! *gazes shyly across a half-empty hall*

The name is Bart. I come from the United Kingdom *cough* of boredom *cough*.
I'm 22 *or Taylor's Swift song made me believe to feel like I'm twenty two though*
Since my birthday was like 2 months back I will be staying 22 for some time.
I study generally comprehended linguistics over the weekends and normal medical school with the major of pathology as I'd love to become a future forensics' pathologist. I usually work overnight, since I don't really have much time during the day *too busy pretending to be studying while I play DN during my classes ._.*. I work as a forensics assistant *basically, bring this, bring that, clean this, lift that* as my internship to attain at least a little work experience.

I've been an anime-lover (i can't really call myself an Otaku, since as I like to watch this entire cosplay and fandoms things, I would't ever participate in one) for like 7 years now. I'm addicted to music (mostly soundtracks, game's soundtracks, piano compositions and classical music) as my childhood dream was to become a world known pianist (yea...that didn't end up well, but at least I tried).

I'm usually easy-going, even though my insecure half barges in way too often (hence Diffidence) so I might seem like the really silent person who always keeps my distance up till my corner.
I play a Shooting Star within the Dragon Nest EU game, however I just can't stop thinking about making a healer that would be more efficient and needed for guild raids and such (a saint most likely? lemme know, I'm willing to main that).

He're a photo!:

I hope we all will get along just fine within the guild and ensure to have a safe and enjoyable time during our playtime!

Keep warm and make sure to join me for some TV series marathons inside my blanket fort!


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Re: Diffidence's despise towards the world

Post by GonTakuma on Wed May 20, 2015 8:14 pm

Nice introduction topic and cool screenshot ^^

We are happy to have you with us Smile


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Re: Diffidence's despise towards the world

Post by leonski on Tue May 26, 2015 9:21 pm

i kinda skipped most of that... allot of words but i got that ur british, HIGH FIVE, and i wanna get warm and join u for tv series in your blanket fort... that is all... oh wait yeh, welcome to this awesome guild


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Re: Diffidence's despise towards the world

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