Tips & Tricks regarding 80 cap

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Tips & Tricks regarding 80 cap

Post by EthanURO on Wed Jun 03, 2015 8:44 pm

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                                                                                                                                                         ====================== Level 80 cap Song of Fire and Fate ============================= THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I TRY STUFFS AND FAIL READ PLZ
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                                             INTRODUCTION  So as we all know,80 cap is upon us,with the new cap come more dungeons and strategies for PvE & later when i get to 80 PvP,i have only played for 6-8 hours but for those who would like to start playing it now i would like to share what i found out so far (i will add if i find anything new)                                           -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
1.NEW SOUL SHOP If you have the gear and not much time to level (you can do like 4-5 runs) i recommend you doing them on master. WHY? you ask,well in this cap for all nests for levels 70 and above you get a soul drop (item in your inventory that you pick up) that gets you some perks in the shop (will cover it later) The drops are: Easy = 0 Soul fragments Hard = 1 Soul fragment and master = 2 soul fragments,by doing master you get the maximum amount of soul fragments and you can exchange for a XP scroll the next day you find time to play. The xp scroll costs 10 soul fragments. Now your probably sitting in your chair and like: What shop wat? Shop tutorial or uninstall! The shop is located at Anu Arendel (not at Saint Haven) and it is available at the guildboards where you get side quests,the first option that appears is ''place your offerings here'' or whatever is written,i'm writing this blindly and i'm lazy since i see this is already long,but to keep it short its the first option above the quests. There you may find items that will help you with leveling or nests. IF YOU AREN'T LEVEL 80 GET THE SCROLL EVEN IF ITS FOR 1 LEVEL !!!!!! The scroll boosts 70% xp and cannot be traded.                                                                                                                   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2.WHAT DUNGEON TO GRIND ON/HOW? Well this time the grinding of a new level cap is split into two parts,70-75 and 75-80 for 70-75 its ''Abbys of heat'' and for 75-80 its ''Wailing Wall'' if you have good gear you should still do hard mode since the dungeon clearing time of these dungeons is much shorter then the 60-70 grind and it will be faster that way. Also you should do your main quests and side quests before going out on a berserk grind,im talking about taking EVERY.SINGLE.SIDEQUEST. at once and then do every single dungeon and then go back to town and claim EVERY.SINGLE.SIDEQUEST. for xp                                      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
3.ENCHANTING CHANGES Now when your item doesn't break and downgrades,it wont downgrade for 2 levels,it will downgrade only 1 because of the devs thinking that enchancing lvl 80 gear would be too hard. Also this new cap introduces a new type of jades PERFECT JADES. agate,alteum,diamonds you know the drill. but now it will be more of a ''material requirement'' added along with jellies. In previous caps it took us 1/2 Alteums/Diamonds/whatever to enchance a item. for 70+ you have to use 2 or more to enchance. Also you may want to wait a bit with enchancing lvl 80 gear because of the events that will probably take place for enchancing in the near future.                                                                                                     -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
4.STRUGGLING WITH GEAR If you are a scrub like me who uses rondo daggers still (yep) and needs to grind to 80 have no fear! Just like the level 70 cap's rondo set you have a new one for levels 70-80,so dont struggle for getting lvl 70 sets,they will become cheaper and at this very point if you want to level,dont get it. If your reading this 2-3 months after,level 70 gear prices will drop drastically,then it could be worth it,but i advise against it. Also you should equip level 60-70 HP and MP jades to your equipment because it makes a WORLD OF A DIFFIDENCE. (tried to sneak in a guild joke there) I boosted one of my characters that was at level 40 from 20k HP to 50k+ using lvl 40 life jades. IT MAKES A WORLD OF DIFFRENCE.                             -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
5.REVAMPS IN THE NEAR FUTURE The classes that will get revamps are: Guardian and Sniper (will add if there is more later)                                                                                                                        -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
6.NERFS IN THE NEAR FUTURE RAVENS will get a SLIGHT nerf,not that much but still significant to make warriors the best DPS again. BRINGER NERFS yep you heard me,the dark side of the bringer tree will get a nerf,this nerf will affect PvP mostly,but PvE will be fine. The Bringer nerfs are: ALOT OF DAMAGE NERFED, NIGHT EXPLOSION CAMERA LOCKED,SHADOW FOCUS USE ONLY FOR PVE,BRINGER DEFENCE NERFS (officially the most squishy class in the game) and most importantly,summons now have a HP bar so they aren't immortals who can tank bosses while you sit there sipping tea.                                                              -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
7.SKILLS: We will be getting only 1 EX skill per second specialisation,some skills only got slight buffs,some got added stuffs. This section isnt finished and i will add actuall PvP changes later
In the near future we will be getting bots for PvP (they will be only level 40 and really stupid,but if your a low level and wanting to test your skills well,here ye go,you can also fight multiple at a time if your at the cap) Now onto the EX skills: Here i will mention the most important ones that will be usefull:                      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
PvP Artfull Chaser EX: My fellow ripper bretheren,we have received a buff! we got double the damage,and a explosion at the end,why is this so important you ask? the explosion at the end makes you bounce like the trampoline in saint haven. While your foes are falling down you can use Arsonist and continue comboing with ease. You can actually use any buff you want or even dance while he is falling.
PvP Final Attack EX: Major buff to the attack,and its now more tricky to cast and use
PvE Moonblade dance EX: Makes the skill piss yellow (everybody hates the new colour,while i like it) adds more damage to the skill and adds a final attack where you land on the ground dealing a similar attack like HMS,but with only 1 line (that goes faster and has a longer range)
PvE Rolling Lava EX for Saleana is quite good,it adds so that the ball goes back and it deals alot more damage now
PvP Laser Cutter EX A.K.A my bane. damage op plz nerf
PvP Justice Crash EX Not sure how long it will stay this awesome,due to the Guardian Revamp (damage buf)
PvE Consecration EX The hellish light DPS parties are back! in a fire themed update... dammit DN
PvE Heal Shower EX or Gay Shower EX how tiny calls it,the heal is actually usefull now.
PvE Umbra EX is shit
PvE Sunshine spark EX The attack now explodes multiple times and deals alot of damage in both PvE (mostly) and PvP
PvE Nightfall EX Dope animation,the attack is stronger the more the target is in the middle up to 50% more.
and i thought they nerfed dark bringer dps...                                                                                     -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
NEW LEVEL 80 SETS & NEST: so far only tryhardpeoplethathavenolifeandeatdoritosandplayminecraft have gotten to the Volcano nest (8 hours from cap release,sheesh) The new 2 sets are the Flint and _____ <-- cant renember other name sets. NOTE THAT THE LEVEL 80 EPIC SETS ARE BETTER THEN LEVEL 70 BDN       -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
WHATS UP NEXT? Red Dragon Nest,Lencea,Dark Avenger

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