New guildies leaving: Possible reasons

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New guildies leaving: Possible reasons

Post by Huge_Engineer on Mon Jun 15, 2015 5:17 pm

Recently some people left the guild not for the fact that they didn't like the guild, but the fact that the guild either:

Get's too into jokes/goes way too silent in a point that when someone asks for a party they don't get a reply(ignored) - Some members left the guild because of it

This is happening a lot, and everyone is doing it at this moment. I didn't see that happening much before, but now I also get in that situacion, and it sucks not to even get a reply. Just say "I'm busy" or anything.

Also, no matter what dung/nest were talking about, give one response, even if it's "I don't want to". It's 10 times better to hear that than to be ignored(IMO)

This one is kinda hard to discourage people not to do this case without being way too harsh. It's also hard to catch. My planned rule would be

If an member complains about being ignored, every guildmate on in the moment the member refers to, has to give him/her supplies which will be discussed between guild

The supplies must not affect too much on the guild member that is guilty of this.

The victim member can only complain once during a certain time period

A guild member can counter it if their response is valid and confirmed by a Senior/Veteran

Ect...(if you want to follow it, more rules has to be done to try to prevent abuse, these rules should only be applied in extreme cases)

Chat gets way too dark*looking at ethan*(Talking about 24/7 perv jokes or turning the dark/perverted into sick) - Grafiter disables guild chat when this happends

Example: The day before the post

Pervy jokes are not funny, but don't talk about that too many times or go way too far.

(This one is easy to make a rule and apply)


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Re: New guildies leaving: Possible reasons

Post by GonTakuma on Mon Jun 15, 2015 11:32 pm

I haven't been really active the past days but I avoided the internet at all cost because i wanted to make 100% sure I could watch the final episode of Game of Thrones without running into any spoilers. I mean anyone could post a spoiler in world chat at any moment....(don't worry i wont post any)

The truth is, we are not a strong as it looks at this moment.
We haven't done any raid for months and we haven't able to arrange one either. Quackswag/Sejin went inactive again, Jack Didn't come back and its been a while seen I've seen tatsu too.
I've promoted some members to senior to counter this act though.
But Vorjinia for example, also went inactive.

The chat is only active when Ethan is around, I personally don't mind about the jokes and Ethan when he joined the Guild and Ethan now, is already a BIG difference his joking frequency went down by 80%, Rome wasn't build in a day either.

I've noticed too that ppl often don't respond when someone is asking for something, I usually take my responsibility whenever a situation comes up like that but i'm not 24/7 on the game.

Our biggest problem is, How many REAL members do we have ?
I'm Counting, Me, Tiny, Ethan, Moon, Beater, Oolaa, Annilice, Jiliaya, Grafiter, Nekyd. I'm counting 10 by head that have been truly worthfully active the past week. Maybe 15-20.
What is the other 180 members ? subs, inactives, or members that never talk or engage with the guild or still have to proof themselves worth. Yes there are some recruits that show potentional though.

I'm gonna make a good cleanup soon and wipe about 25 inactives from the squad and set in a new recruiting run.

Then its important to really arrange a 8-man full guild party raid, doesn't matter which one, its important that we feel and connect as a group again, I noticed the dropouts ratio was really reduced when doing raids was a regular thing during Guild Phases 2 and 3. I'd say we are in Phase 5 now, but not at our strongest as we have once been.


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