80 hell & possible inactiveness

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80 hell & possible inactiveness

Post by EthanURO on Tue Jun 16, 2015 5:25 pm

I'm generally disappointed of 70-80,i wonder if bad connections and crashes were a feature made so we grind longer for 70-80... or maybe its just me.

I just got lvl 80 on my Abbys Walker,and boy oh boy was it a ride.NEVER have i EVER met so many glitches/bugs/disconnects... This patch feels extremely rushed,in the dungeons at some points the game's servers would completely flop,my connection would be fine (could type) and i couldn't hit any mobs

Aside from the DC's and bugs,the timing of the update was awful,why release the patch in the middle of the week when people have exam's and their jobs? Seriously,there were so many bugs on day 1 i would have appreciated if the game took time till the weekend to release the patch but noooo... .-.

At times where i would not lag,the mobs on hard would be too easy and i would walk more then actually hit things. Seriously,i could count all the mobs in the wailing wall dungeon with mine and my dog's fingers... And the fire burns were plain annoying,canceling my skills all the time. Its like H25whateveritscalled Adept skill...

To make all of these worse,the guild chat was completely dead whenever i was on,and at some times i'm the only one on for 2-3 hours,not mentioning that i already have issues IRL

And finally when i'm so hyped that i will reach 80,the game punishes me and makes me run the dungeon again...and then the game has maintenance and then after it i DC/glitch so it took me 4 HOURS to get to 80 and when i finally did i was so mad and quit for the rest of the day,here's a screenie https://imgur.com/rDH0N24

The game is currently as of me writing this impossible to play for me,i need to reconnect 5 times before i don't DC for the first 5 minutes so i can complete a dungeon,its taking away bits of my sanity,currently looking into possible fixes/internet optimizations/alien 51 shit. So,i guess i will cya ingame whenever the issue is resolved ._.

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