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Guild Voice Chat

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Guild Voice Chat Empty Guild Voice Chat

Post by 4kills Thu Mar 19, 2015 12:59 pm

Hello fellow guild members!
Today I'd like to introduce you to the guild's voice chat service - Raidcall.

Raidcall is a freeware group voice chat service. It's very similar to Teamspeak.
To have the oppertunity to talk to each other is the oppertunity to give quick calls in raids/nests,
to make announcments or just to get to know each other.
That's why we eventually want to establish a 'server' for our guild.

Below you will find a quick connection guide:

Step 1 - Download and install Raidcall
Just visit their homepage and easly download and install the programm according to their instruction
Raidcall's homepage:

Step 2 - Connect to the server
After you have installed Raidcall and created an account you will find a search bar
on the upper left corner of the application.
There you will either enter: 'GingaClan' or this ID: 10778726
Connect now to the upcomming search result.
Here you may see a picture:

Step 3 - Become a server member
After you have connected to the server an administrator can promote you from a guest to a member,
which ensures you full rights to join every room you desire to.
Just send a membership application or ask an administrator ingame for promoting you
and you'll be promoted as soon as possible. (You may find the application button on the
right upper corner when you have connected to the server)


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