How to make money

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How to make money

Post by DarkAvenger on Sat Apr 25, 2015 2:47 pm

Well i saw a lot of people that say they cant farm gold and that they dont know how to make money.
1.For big lvls like lvl 70 just do dailys for godess lamata and buy heart jewl from the npc that sell things for lamata (1 pice is 250g)
2.Any Light fury abiss walker moon lord sorceres and cleric can farm Painful pesadila (sory if i misspeled) one full run gives u 150g (with quest u can get 175) and u can make 2 runs per week (300g) after doing this u can farm apple of life from
in the clip it will explain what u have to do
3.Boosting noobs
4.Do nests and sell the crafting materials
5.Low lvls do all the sighn board quests and sell the bags u get on merchants
6.Any lvl that can enter coloseum can just enter and make medal and then buy her/savior items that sell very well (600g without +)


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