Limit to Subs and the GingaClan 2 Project

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Limit to Subs and the GingaClan 2 Project

Post by GonTakuma on Tue May 05, 2015 9:36 am

We are at the moment a sub-top Guild heading to be one of the top Guilds maybe, But with that comes more management and some other limits.

In the past week, for the first time ever I had to clear space, because we had no more room left for new members.

I've been speaking with some people about the GingaClan 2 Project and the amount of subs in the guild.

I'm gonna make the following propositions, tell me how you think about them :
-The Max number of allowed subs: 3 characters in the Guild per person.
-Reduce inactivity Period : Recruits are kicked after 21 days offline and Members are kicked after 28 days offline (Its 28-35 days now and ofcource there will always be exceptions.)

GingaClan 2 Project
In Browsergames like Travian and TribalWars, Using a second ingame Guild, to house more members is a common strategy, I'd like to experiment with this on DN.
We have a lot of subs in the guild, maybe we can devide some inactive subs, or less important sub characters to the Sub-Guild. (It does not provide with the same bonuses yet).
We can create a chat channel to stay in touch.

I'm not sure if its gonna work out though.


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