right so hello

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right so hello

Post by leonski on Tue May 26, 2015 9:02 pm

right so yeh hello, its been a while since i have played properly but i thought i would give u guys a quick intro of the awesome new guild member you have just received, who will be number 1 on all the leader-boards (dont deny you know its true) bit of basic information, im a 21 year old male living in England, i did play dragon nest back in the beta days, got to max lvl at the time (think it was 24/25 at the time) then got bored but i loved the game, then recently came across it again (on steam) and though wow i wonder if it has gotten better and OMG Very Happy Very Happy its now awesome im now like lvl 35 or summin and im loving the game, ive been pretty much smashing through it solo (like something else i smash Wink ) then i decided i wanted to find a guild to put out a sever wide message and got an invite, i just love the social aspect of games, without it i get bored and quit. i am on practically every day if not all day then atleast for an hour, would be great to meet some new people and just have fun really.
as people have probably already guessed, im not the most mature so warning expect jokes of sexual and crude nature2nd warning i will attempt to troll you and probably fail.
last warning... my dick is bigger than yours.


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