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[Request]More Seniors/Leaders

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[Request]More Seniors/Leaders Empty [Request]More Seniors/Leaders

Post by GonTakuma Tue Mar 03, 2015 11:02 pm

The Guild is growing Day by day, Still and we are reaching a point where I cannot simply manage the guild on my own.

In the early Days I had QuackSwag and Sejin Backing me up, but they are unactive untill futher notice (probarly BDN/Lancea Patch)

I'm Looking for More Senior Guild Members, Currently Being :
-JackExcell (Gundia)
-Grafiter (Garako)

Senior Members Have More Authority such as Inviting people to the guild. If you proof your position as Senior Member worthy, you may even be promoted to Top Position, Veteran, Who can Kick people from the guild!

Please If you are interested, Make an application to become a Senior Member.
I want 2 more Active Senior Guild Members Atleast.

You'l need to be a Member at-least!

[Request]More Seniors/Leaders Anasig5

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