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Rule-set Change

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Rule-set Change Empty Rule-set Change

Post by GonTakuma Mon May 11, 2015 12:24 pm

I just wanted to Inform you that The following "Rules" Have been changed:

-Recruits are kicked after 21 days offline. (Used to be 28 days)
-Members are usually kicked after 28 days offline. (Used to be 35-40 days)
-Maximum of 3 characters per person in the Guild (Was unlimited before)

Remember!, There will always be exceptions.
I don't expect that we will reduce the inactivity period any futher.

People who CURRENTLY, have more than 3 subs, in the Guild, are allowed to keep them in, as long as they keep them active, but new members or subs, will Only be allowed to get/keep 3 subs in the Guild.
So this implemented rule only counts for new members.
If you desperately want more Subs and Stay with GingaClan, Join GingaClan 2

In the past week I've wiped all inactive Members over 28 days offline, in the coming week i'l be implementing the new rule set so members that have been 26-28 days offline will be kicked earlier than the members who have been out 22-26 days, but at the end of next week Most members with more than 21 days offline, should have been removed. I'm also going to look more critically at inactive subs.
The Subs of inactive popular Members will also be removed.

Rule-set Change Anasig5

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