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Planning DDN Raid

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Planning DDN Raid Empty Planning DDN Raid

Post by GonTakuma Thu Jun 04, 2015 9:28 pm

The Lvl 80 patch is finally out, and the Dragon Hunting are over.

But unfortunately the Guild has to deal with some major set backs at the moment.
Some important members, went inactive, Quit the game or left the Guild, Others are busy with Exams, like me. I've recruited some new blood into the guild and will keep doing so, to keep the Guild lively at least.
This weekend I'd like to resume the Raids again, Starting with DDN. After the Dragon Hunting Events, I expect most Members will be familiar with the mechanics, and with the lvl 80 patch, be suited/geared to be up for it.
Unfortunately I am not around Saturday eve, but feel free to organize raids without me,
I'd like to try to arrange at any rate, a DDN raid on Sunday evening probably between 19:00 GMT and 21:00 GMT.

Planning DDN Raid Anasig5

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