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Guild Died

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Guild Died Empty Guild Died

Post by GonTakuma Wed Jul 15, 2015 9:37 pm

No I'm not gonna declare the Guild Dead yet. I'm gonna declare it inactive.
Guild = Dead

Second Edit
After the game Servers crashed and basically lost everything, I realise the Guild would have fallen anyway. After the servers lost everything I never replayed the game, I have some small interrest but I'm playing other games at the moment (Rocket League/Minecraft mostly) Otherwise The Crew, League of Legends and Fifa or Town of Salem.

It's been a while since I declared the Guild "Inactive" Its been dead ever since.
Only Ethan, Daniel and BlackMoon managed to contact me after the Guild died. I do feel sorry for you guys
but it became a drag and stress to keep the Guild running and thats not what I want.
I Have started up DN about 2-5 times in the past 6 months, ever since I dropped the guild.
I was recruited into Erebus, but I still am not bothered to play.
The Lancea came out, didnt even try it yet. I went to the farm plots and 85% of them where avaible.
The Game seems dying aswell.
Best of luck to all of you. I dropped the Guild to a sub-account of mine, should anyone be interrested: 10k gold and its yours.

For a long time we have been a good running active guild growing from day to day.
Even though being lvl 15-25 and with 100-150 members, we hit our top during March-May months. We used to raid every weekend on a regular basis.
But a lot of important members started leaving or becoming inactive. And although we got some new blood in return, it wasn't enough to keep our raid schedule going. We never got back on track actually.

My biggest issue with DN is that the community is generally unstable. A lot of players (80%) try the game and stop playing after 2 weeks or a month.
Basically that means that 4/5 but at any rate at least 3 out of 5 recruits will turn inactive after a month.
That means that I'l have to swipe and clean 50% of the Member list on a regular, almost daily, basis.

This is a lot of work and puts a lot of pressure on me, If I'm not around, the guild doesn't get cleaned and we don't get any new recruits, maybe 1/2 from seniors. If we don't get new recruits the guild becomes inactive Because the real guild only exists of like 15-20 Members and they are not always online at the same time.

Another problem is the sub-characters. It is just impossible to keep track who is who. Some members, fortunatly added in their "about me" but not all. It is also hard to keep track of members who are inactive due to private life (exams etc). If they don't add in in their "about me section".
I had a excel document to keep track of guild storage donations, join date, etc etc but, with so many members its hard to keep that file perfectly up to date all the time on my own. Its also annoying to keep alt-tabbing for that information and DN is not too happy if you Alt-Tab too often.

I also noticed that when I don't log in for more than like 3 days, a lot of members have left the guild, this puts even more pressure on me, in others words, If I don't play DN for a while, or not long enough in a week, the guild dies. I like DN, but I cannot play it 24/7 And i also don't want to spend all my spare time just for DN, I like to do a lot of other games and stuff too with my spare time.

But If I don't Touch DN for 3 days or don't play it long enough the Damage to the guild is clearly notable. I have been inactive from DN for a week now and the guild is like 90% dead. I just logged on and I was the ONLY member online, that could have been 10 a week ago.

In other words, I constantly have to refresh the Membership base in order to keep the guild active, this course of action has become somewhat tiresome and is starting to feel useless. Why keep recruiting members when they gonna be inactive anyway.

I have actually a very busy life in real life, I play on a soccerclub and work (and also went to school, but passed it this year) and also go to all home matches of Feyenoord. So I cannot even devote that much time to DN. When I created the Guild it was somewhat of an impulse, to be honest. 1 gold was nothing anyway and I just wanted to try it out. The Guild has become an amazing succes, beyound my expectations.

You have to understand,
In Jazz Jackrabbit 2 I have lead 3 Guilds.
Tbt (The Bunny Tec) <Successive pretty big guild, not bad for a first guild
Tsb (The Sensible Bunnies) <Fail attempt
XD (Xtreme Dream Bunnies) <Very successive guild, at one point we where considered to be the most active guild and held the #1 and #2 spots in JDC's Duelist Tournament.
We also won our group matches in the unfinished Jj2 World Cup in 2003.
And I was also Co-Leader of the CC (CraccoClan) Guild in which we won the Jj2 World Championship.

But Jj2 was 10 years ago and a lot smaller community. Jj2 Guilds had like 15 members on average, and ours had maybe 40, Not 150-200.

When GingaClan started to become really big, I realized I could no longer keep the guild up on my own. I assigned some Co-Leaders/Veterans like Jack and Daniel, but they went inactive. And some Seniors, who did some work fortunately but a lot of them also went inactive.

Another point for me personally in DN, the past weeks/months I felt I only logged in for the guild, I just walked about in Saint haven. Sometimes proposed to do some nests, but not much always came from it. Hateful pesadilla is now gone too Sad. I have over 15k gold now but the money i made is not from running dungeons. I got them from members reaching maximum level, as you now know, provided me with tons of Dimensional Box Keys. To be honest at one point that became a reason for me to keep the dying guild, running. Because it allowed me to sort of, free-farm money. 80% of the members never claimed their part of the keys since they don't even visit the forum.

At this point, to be honest, I don't wanna feel to be forced to log into DN to swipe the memberlist and recruit new members every day to keep the guild alive. I want to be free. I'm not sure if I will keep the guild. I'm sorry, but when I just logged in, no one was even online so I wont be disappointing to many members.

Looking back to GingaClan I still consider it a huge success, we became a BIG guild on DN, A force to be reckon with, we where well-organised with good athmosphere and a lot of members liked it, We had a good time, I have no regrets.

Anyone interested to buy the Guild or take over ?
PM a offer I was thinking a price in the range of 25k

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Guild Died Anasig5

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Guild Died Empty Re: Guild Died

Post by Huge_Engineer Thu Jul 23, 2015 3:08 pm

To be honest, it wont last long. Some can compare this to a drug, it's good, but it will end up getting worse than what it is

Dragon Nest end-game is getting less content from what it looks like, in the early levels you get quite a bit of content, but as you lvl you will get less quests and dungeons to do untill you reach lvl cap, where you should start doing nests. But even the nests aren't much, and it's always the same thing, and there's not really much to do.

The end-game content is lacking, and the population is going down, so the game will probaly die soon


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Guild Died Empty Re: Guild Died

Post by GonTakuma Sat Jul 25, 2015 2:05 am

I'm not sure what the issue with DN is

lvl 70/80 seems to low as a cap. I've played MMORPG like Ragnarok Online where it was impressive to see a lvl 86 player pass by. And it was not the case that 6 out of 8 players where max level, rather 1 out of 8 you encountered.

Also the world isn't immersive. I dislike Saint haven's design personally and the world feels small, I like the dungeon system, really much I do, but I do miss the sence of traveling and open world. In RO you could really explore area's and run into players as in many other MMO Rpg's.

And its not fun if our members/friends/players keep stop playing the game.

Guild Died Anasig5

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Guild Died Empty Re: Guild Died

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