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General State of OP League Champions (OP)

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General State of OP League Champions (OP) Empty General State of OP League Champions (OP)

Post by GonTakuma Wed Jul 22, 2015 4:06 pm

Lee Sin[/b
Lee Sin is undenyable an OP champion in League. The Problem is, No one is going to admit it. Because he is so OP and therefor so popular that he is played by so many players containing the bigger part of the community and they will not admit that their champion is OP.
So Why is Lee Sin OP ?
-Extreme mobility
-Shields to allies and self
-Good DMG contribution
-CC with his ult
-No consumable resource
-His kit "allows" him to buy a sightstone, which will increase vision for his team, even though the wards are, probarly ussualy used for dashing, they will still provide random vision and some of them can still be used as actual vision.


Go in, do 75% DMG, go out. Thats LB. Its just not fair, You cannot lane and you cannot win vs LB, just way to much DMG. "she's an assassin" so ? That justifies that she can deal so much DMG so easy every time ?

One of the worst, EXCESIVE DMG, unable to reach because of ult stealth + Q dodge + E shot.

-No mana
-DMG is to instant, one blink and you're dead. Ult dmg needs to be nerfed or divided more over time.

General State of OP League Champions (OP) Anasig5

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