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Post by GonTakuma Fri Jun 23, 2017 4:46 pm

In the past days i've gone back to DN.

After the EU Servers crashed I took a break from DN.
This week I decided to come back for a bit atleast. Not 24/7 like before.

I've joined "Log Horizon" Guild for now, they seem to be nice and organised. I'l stay there for now and see how things will develop from there.

Is anyone still active ? Is anyone still playing ?
Does anyone still have a spark inside to get GingaClan Back to live ? I directly considered this but to be honest, I'm willing to be a part of that, But I do not wanna lead it. I cannot guarantee that i can devote that much to DN or clan leading again.

Anyway for now i'm just maximizing my Main and gonna start a Lancea class, and leave all other characters, aside for my ice age asside. I hope to see you guys arround atleast!

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